Maid of the Mist, Where art thou?

Frozen Falls

On a recent trip to Niagara Falls, I was disappointed to find the falls not quite thawed and my beloved Maid of the Mist boats missing in action. With a little internet sleuthing, I found out the maiden (pun intended) voyage of the season would be May 10 – on the US side.

Apparently, a new company, Hornblower Cruises, will be operating on the Canadian side. Not liking change, I made my pouty sad face at the hubby. After promising to drive me to the US side to take my thirtieth or so trip on the legacy maid boats, he did a little internet sleuthing of his own.

The Hornblower boats have a similar tour as the maid boats, but they offer some additional options. They have sunset cruises and fireworks cruises. They even have wedding packages. Pretty cool, I thought and then he told me one more vital piece of information. They serve wine and beer on the boat.

OK, maybe change isn’t so bad after all. I can still do the classic ride on the US side and across the border I can have my Canadian wine and drink it too.

Maid of the Mist

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