My epistolary flash fiction story, “Best Friend Forever,” appears in YELLOW MAMA. Best Friend Forever

My misfit micro, “The Gift That Keeps on Giving,” appears in Versification’s June 2021 Anniversary issue. Versification June 2021

My flash fiction crime story, “Thelma’s Thirst Trap,” appears in 4:20 Noir: A Hoosier Noir Special Edition.

My drabble, “Hush,” appears in COSMOS from Ghost Orchid Press.

My horror story, “Double Dare,” appears in Unnerving Magazine #15.

My flash fiction story, “Baby Magic,” was published at Shotgun Honey on March 19, 2021. Read it here: Baby Magic

My drabbles “Catastrophe,” “Curser,” “One Hit Wonder,” and micro fiction story “One of Us” appear in The Macabre Ladies Present: Supernatural Drabbles of Dread.

My drabble “My Haunted Heart” appears in HOME from Ghost Orchid Press.

My Poem “Red Rain” appears in Sanitarium Magazine #3

My drabble “Unlikable” appears in The Macabre Ladies Present: Extreme Drabbles of Dread and Unravel Dark Drabbles #5 published by Black Hare Press.

My crime story “Degrees of Disorder” appears in Hoosier Noir: TWO

My crime story “Still Life” appears in Switchblade 13 along with an interview with me in the Person of Interest column.

My horror story “Chet-Shaped Lure” appears in EconoClash Review issue 6.

My #outbeaknoir crime story “Checking Out” appears in Switchblade Magazine issue twelve.

My crime story “Necessary Evils” appears in Volume 2, issue five of Pulp Modern.

My horror story “The Peopling” appears in The Arcanist.

The Peopling

My weird fiction story “A Noble Rot” appears in issue #136 of Space and Time Magazine.

I have flash stories in following Black Hare Press anthologies:

“Digits of Doom” appears in LUST, “Dedicated” and “Quest” appear in LOVE, and “Lazy Daisy” appears In HATE.

I have a crime story “Garden-Variety Creeper” in Switchblade #11.

My drabble  “Catastrophe” appears in Black Hare Press’s Monsters Dark Drabbles #3

My flash fiction crime story “The Nature of Nurture” appears in issue ten of Switchblade Magazine.

My drabble “Old Blue Eyes” appears in issue 4 of Drabblez Magazine.

Drabblez Magazine Issue 4

My drabble “Quest” appeared in 101 Fiction’s issue 22 on March 20, 2019.

101 Fiction Issue 22

My poem “Fact or Fiction” appears in the Winter 2019 issue of the Oddville Press.


My drabble “Doomsday Duet” appears in issue 248 of Crack the Spine Literary Magazine and Apocalypse Dark Drabbles #6 published by Black Hare Press.

My drabble “Banshee” appears in Neon Druid: An Anthology of Urban Celtic Fantasy.

My drabbles “Stepmother” and “Curser” appeared in 101Fiction’s issue 21 on December 8, 2018.

101Fiction Issue 21

My crime short story “Crazy Eights” appears in Switchblade Magazine’s Stiletto Heeled Noir anthology.

One Hit Wonder

My drabble “One Hit Wonder” appeared in The Drabble on November 30, 2018.


My drabble “Remnant” appeared in The Drabble on November 5, 2019.


My poem “My Gorgon Rejection” was published in the Fall 2018 issue of The Oddville Press.